We produce and distribute nails, pneumatic tools, and pneumatic accessories.

Our many years of experience have allowed us to provide a reliable, wide selection of nails and pneumatic accessories, while ensuring optimal sales conditions. Our area of operation covers the whole of Poland. We cooperate with forwarding companies, which deliver our products to customers located throughout the country.


gwozdzie EPAL


Certified EPAL nails are used in the woodworking industry to produce europallets, crates, and pallet-crates. They can find application in various types of pallet nailing machines.

Gwoździe łączone luzem

Bulk nails

Our offer includes plain nails, annular threaded nails, and spiral threaded nails. Detailed product specification can be found here.

Wire collated nails

We manufacture wire collated nails, which are used in the production process that employs rotary nailers. Our offer includes plain, annular, and spiral nails.

Gwoździe łączone papierem

Paper collated nails

We also produce paper collated nails. Paper collated nails are fasteners that have found their customer base mainly in the construction industry, roofing, carpentry, and woodworking.


Modern and reliable pneumatic nailers. We offer high-quality pneumatic nailers for wire collated nails by Max, Stanley-Bostitch, and other manufacturers. Rotary nailers significantly facilitate the production of wooden packaging, and prove to be a cost-effective solution owing to the reasonable prices of fasteners. Pneumatic tools available in our offer are reliable and compatible with collated nails of our production.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive service to our customers, which is why we also offer pneumatic tools and spare parts, and ensure product maintenance. We operate on both domestic and foreign markets. By taking an individualised approach toward each customer, we aim to respond in a flexible manner to market needs and changes.


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